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Survival Armor Trident Tactical Flotation Armor

For waterborne operations Survival Armor has come up with the patented Trident tactical, flotation, ballistic vest system. Up until now, armor was not designed for the realities of waterborne ops. The Trident combines level IIIA soft ballistics and level III or IV plates with flotation in a high speed tactical carrier. The vest is designed to keep the operator buoyant in an upright or swimming position and will not lose buoyancy when hit by bullets or fragments.

Survival Armor
Survival Armor - Trident


  • Ergonomic design for shipboard operations
  • Full overlapping side protection
  • Four point closure for secure fit
  • Integrated 10”x12” front and rear plate pockets
  • Two piece ballistic collar
  • MOLLE system
  • Heavy duty drag strap
  • Pull down reflective patches
  • Removable flotation collar

Flotation features

  • 73.3 foot pounds of flotation with collar
  • 37 foot pounds of flotation without collar