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Survival Armor SAAV

Survival Armor ® introduces its SAAV vest platform. (Survival Armor Assault Vest) The SAAV vest platform allows the operator a choice of a high speed low drag tactical vest with 360 degree MOLLE for all of your equipment needs. This platform can be upgraded to a full tactical vest with groin, collar, throat, and sleeves.

Survival Armor
Survival Armor - SAAV


  • Dual external 8X10 and 10X12 plate Pockets
  • 6x6 side plate pockets
  • Heavy Duty Drag Strap
  • Integrated magazine pouches
  • Mil-Spec Cordura
  • Adjustable 3 position shoulder mounted D-Rings
  • Removable butt stops
  • Internal and external cummerbunds for coverage and comfort
  • Body-Side Padded Mesh Comfort Cooling System
  • Front, Back and Bicep ID capability