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Uncle Mike's® Cuff Cases

Uncle Mike's
Uncle Mike's Handcuff Cases

Single Duty Cuff Case Specifications

  • Innovative one-piece design limits bulk yet adds reinforcement from flap to back wall.
  • Low-cut front wall for fast, easy gripping and reholstering of cuffs.
  • Dual slot belt loops on all models with flap allow case to fit dress or duty belts up to 2 ¼".
  • Model number 8878-1

Double Duty Cuff Case with Dual Retention Specifications

  • No bigger than our Single Duty Cuff Case with Flap.
  • Cuffs are better protected due to a “pull-through” internal fastener.
  • Produce cuffs simply by opening the flap and pulling them through.
  • Ideal for special response teams, bike and motor patrols, marine units and natural resource departments.
  • Works with conventionally sized cuffs from S&W, Peerless, American Handcuff. and Hyatt.
  • Model number 8857-1