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In following the tradition of the Phoenix product line, Survival Armor introduces the NIJ 0101.06 Phoenix6 ballistic package. When designing the Phoenix6 ballistic package, quality and officer safety were top concerns. The Phoenix line of ballistic protection offers our patented VisiBallistics with a combination of high performance ballistic materials for both maximum protection and comfort.

Ballistic material combination for performance and comfort.

Recent figures show that 12% of all law enforcement officers are female. Survival Armor is proud to introduce their custom manufactured female line of armor. Survival Armor understands that no two female officers are built the same and has produced armor specifically designed for a comfortable, custom fit for the female officer. Available in the Phoenix, OC-Assault and Paragon line, there is an offering for every female officer utilizing patent-pending VisiBallistics. Same ballistic packages as a male vest but with the specialized comfort needed for the female wearer!

Sizing forms:  Male  or Female

Survival Armor
Survival Srmor - Phoenex6


  • Pad suspension system
  • VisiBallistics
  • Available for all of Survival Armor’s carriers

Ballistic vests available for threat level II and IIIA for male and female sizing.