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Woolrich Elite Cargo Pants (#44904) The workhorse of the Woolrich Elite Series line, this pant offers long-lasting durability, functionality and great fitting comfort, and will stand up to years of hard, continuous use. Woolrich Elite Pants (#44429) This pant features the same great fit, functionality and durability as our Elite Cargo Pant, but without the two lower leg cargo pockets found on the Elite Cargo Pant.
Woolrich Elite Long-Sleeve Shift (#44902) These are the core Woolrich Elite Series shirts, available in long-sleeve styling. Loaded with practical details, great features and trademark Woolrich quality.    
Propper Clothing

Propper is the manufacturer of choice for the U.S. Military for over 40 years, and all Propper clothing is made according to the highest standards to withstand the toughest military conditions. The proudly American made Propper line of combat ready apparel is also in demand among law enforcement professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Quality military apparel must be designed and manufactured to serve in the most demanding combat situations, maintaining both security and comfort as well as protecting against everything from detection by enemy troops or scoping devices to thorns, spikes, barbs and other challenges that are often encountered by soldiers who are fighting in typical combat conditions. The same protection, which is the hallmark of every Propper, along with the Propper dedication to quality, serves law enforcement agents, including Federal agents who proudly wear Propper apparel when dealing with border infiltration and other highly demanding assignments.

Please view Propper’s wide range on their website. Any of their items we can place on special order and provide at a competitive price, Please contact us for more details.