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CTS MK-30 Pepper Spray

Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) offers three heat levels of OC pepper spray in their smallest aerosol canister available, the MK-3. This handheld aerosol canister packs up to 12 one-second aerosol stream punches in all three heat levels available. A full MK-3 canister weighs in at 1.5 ounces, measures a mere 85mm in height, and will fit most standard MK-3 aerosol belt carriers. All CTS aerosols are electronic device compatible and are non flammable.

CTS MK-30 Pepper Spray Aerosols
CTS MK-30 Pepper Spray Aerosols

Available heat levels include:

LEVEL 1: Moderate Heat. For most duty patrol situations. Low capsaicin concentration has the benefit of the quick decontamination and minimal risk of injury, 0.18% major capsaicinoid content.

LEVEL 2: High Heat. A more potent duty grade formulation for all but the most extreme situations, 0.67% major capsaicinoid content.

LEVEL 3: Maximum Heat. For correctional or riot control applications. Extreme potency for extreme situations and unusually resistant individuals, 1.33% major capsaicinoid content.

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